Our offer covers tattoos of all kinds, pictures of your beloved, entire back or whole-body tattoos as well as cover ups to mend old pictures, refresh or let it disappear completely.

We welcome you in our rooms with high spirits and the passion to retrieve the best out of your ideas.

Each client will get an adequate and individual tattoo.
Often we paint the tattoo directly on the skin with a pen but of course we do the tattoos also based on your draft.

As we get a lot of questions about the long waiting time we have some explanations for you below.

We do not do assembly line work, meaning we handle any client individually, taking time to plan the desired tattoo.

For this we often paint the tattoo directly on the desired body part, which requires a certain amount of time.
Also each client wants the artist to take enough time to get an optimized result.
So please respect others as you also expect us to take for your tattoo or tattoo design when you come to us to get tattooed.
For Piercing appointments – send an Email or call us.

Regarding age restriction we want to advise you of the following:

A piercing will only be done if you are 18 or above. Customers younger than 18 must of course present the letter of agreement and a identity card (copy).
Generally customers under 16 will not get visible piercings. Invisible piercings can get done from the age of 14 if a parent or legal guardian accompanies the customer.

However, there might be restrictions so that it can happen that we decline piercings.

You must always have your identity card with you. If you cannot identify yourself we have to send you away.

To ensure a maximum of hygiene, we mainly work with single-use material in both areas, tattoo and piercings.
• Derzeit kein Piercen möglich •